August 21, 2008

ode to the semicolon

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I read an article in Salon today about my most favorite punctuation mark of all time: the semicolon.

Basically, the gist of the article is that the semicolon is perceived by some as a feminine punctuation mark, with all the caprice of a young girl and nuance of a mature and experienced woman.

Here here, I say! The semicolon and I have been through good times and bad, short stories and term papers. Sure, I may have flirted with the exclamation point (!) in grammar school. And there was a fling with the comma in high school, but like all things in high school, it came to an overly emotional and dramatic ending.

The semicolon and I are lifelong partners in crime. We are soulmates; the semicolon anticipates my every need. We are womanly, curvy, and hesitant. We are thoughtful, organized, and resolute.

So, here’s to you, semicolon; you certainly deserve my praise!

much love and fondness,

the grammar goddess (aka marinagrey)