August 10, 2008

breakdown, and an introduction

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Well, this is it. I’ve finally broken down and decided to begin a blog. There are several reasons it has taken me so long to begin; mostly: 1. I’m very lazy and lazy people accomplish very little. 2. I feel that starting a blog takes a certain amount of hubris- that is- you have to believe that people will actually want to read your blog. Well, people… I don’t know if you’ll read my blog. Though if you are seeing these words, I guess my fears were for naught!

I’ve very much enjoyed setting the blog up. First, I chose my name:

Marina Grey

As you may have guessed, being the brilliant readers I know you are, this is not my real name. I know I know, clever and sneaky. Also pretty typical.

Next, I chose my layout. Very difficult… I wanted clean lines and some grey… also I’m terrifically indecisive, so that helped out a lot. The final step was to write content…. the tough part! But, here is my first post, so… I guess its not impossible.

So welcome to my blog! I am not sure of the content theme yet- I aim for mild educational value and moderate entertainment, mixed with some angsty complaints (done with humor, bien sur). Also perhaps some guest posts or collaborations so that you don’t get sick of reading my words all the darn time. Enjoy!


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