Link Library

The Link Library

More color coding for the quarterlife

The Link Library is an important part of my vision for Marina Grey. I want to share all the fantastic links I have found through my blogging (and bored web surfing), but I don’t necessarily want to write a blog entry about each and every one of them. Also, due to my organized (compulsive?) nature, I want them all in one place, and easily searchable. I am in no way affiliated with any of these links/companies/blogs unless otherwise specified, nor are they sponsored. If you are the owner or creator of a link and would like it removed from this list, please email me at Likewise, if I should add something, make sure to let me know! Needless to say, this page is permanently “under construction”- return often!

Let’s become friends, shall we? Enjoy!


Geekologie -Gadgets, Gizmos, and Awesome

City Love/Travel

Wright Now In Buffalo -I was born and raised in the Buff- check it out!

Buffalo Rising Online – Why Buffalo? Read this publication and you’ll understand


Hostess with the Mostess


Green Velvet -Adorable store located in historic Granville, Ohio

The James Store -Fun trends and designer duds for mom and baby.

Giving Back

Kiva -A microloan site for hands-on giving and helping around the world

Healthy Earth

The Cleaner Plate Club


NH Photos -a Twenty-Something armed with a camera! Look out, world!

Shutter A Day -profound and sometimes ironic looks at the world we too often ignore.

Smart 20-Somethings

Working Girl Blog -Two Twenty-something gals in NYC, living the life!

Sweet Treats/Good Eats

Twisted Sister Bakery -located in Chicago, much too close to me! Their desserts are delish!


a $10,000 wedding. -One gal’s journey to (affordable!) nuptial bliss


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