August 11, 2008

olympic prep pride

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Be still my heart.

Due to an unfortunate and freak accident (not fully understood at the time of this writing), Fabulous Roomie’s TV monitor died shortly before the opening of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. I will try and recount that story later. So, we missed the Opening Ceremony. I am just catching up on it now, and I had to share my thoughts on the U.S.A. outfits, created by Ralph Lauren.

If you remember the warmup suits worn previously, this is a huge improvement. (Here are the 2002 suits):

2002 US Team

2002 US Team

We’re supposed to be representing our nation, not hanging out at the gym. Lauren’s classic American style was preppy, sharp, and avoided looking stuffy. Here are some pictures for you to drool over:

US Team Group Shot

US Team Group Shot

Womens Softball and Pres. Bush

Women's Softball and Pres. Bush

The look is timeless, and evokes an earlier period- maybe the 20’s and 30’s- in sports, where athletes dressed like gentlemen and -women, and where formality was dignified. Navy blazers, ivory plain-front pants, and red, white, and blue ties give the competitors a distinctly American look. Yet, the outfits also have some attitude- note LeBron and Kobe rocking the attire:

Kobe and LeBron

Kobe and LeBron

Overall, I am really really impressed with Lauren’s collection (he’s doing the Closing Ceremony outfits as well as some competition pieces.) Clearly, the U.S. can win the gold AND look great while doing so! Isn’t that the true spirit of the U.S. anyway? What are your thoughts on the designs? Like it or Loathe it? Do share!


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  1. Margz said,

    HEY! how’d they get my grandpa’s hat!? hehe

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