August 11, 2008


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How do you feel about numbers?

I was in the car the other day with Fabulous Roomie and two other friends, and for some reason we got to discussing our favorite (and least favorite) numbers.

For Example:

The Number Seven

The Number Seven

I very much enjoy the number 7. I think it is the prettiest number. It is a lucky number. It is part of my birthday (December 7th), and to me it is a strong number. I even love the way it is spelled.

I hate the number 6. I don’t know why- I like even numbers generally but something about the number 6 ticks me off. Also 5 always struck me as an annoying number- perhaps a bully?

Is it normal to attribute personalities to numerals? meh…

FR’s favorite number is nine. she also likes 2s- she usually sets her alarm clock to something ending in a 2. She thinks it may be because “I’m the kind of person who follows something sweet with something salty”- AKA she likes balance in her life. Not sure where the nine comes in though- its an odd number and it takes an odd number of odd numbers (3 3s) to make it. She does have two 9s in her birthday… September 9th. Hmmm…

Friend AJB likes the number 5. He’s the kind of person who likes order, and always sets his alarm to an even or rounded interval (no 9:02 am for him!). He says, “Its so important. It is the foundation of our number system. It can be both an odd and is involved in forming multiples of ten. And it was my baseball number as a kid”. Maybe that’s the best explanation- a bit of logic combined with a bit of nostalgia.

Tell me about your favorite number or those that you couldn’t stand!



  1. Margz said,

    So this got me thinking. Which you always tend to make me do-well not make me but you certainly plant the seed ;-) My first favorite number, being Italian, is 13 because I like the fact that it is known as unlucky in America yet lucky in Italy. What’s with that? And 3’s are prettier to write then 5’s or 2’s which whenever I write them they seem to look like S’s and 7’s. And my second favorite is 19. Being the date of my birth and my soccer number. However due to your examination both of my numbers are 2 numbers combined, not just one. I am a gemini and i guess by nature love things in pairs. Thanks for making me superanalyze my favorite number-which is another trait of the gemini. haha What do you think?

  2. Lauren said,

    i LOVE the number 3. its gorgeous. in any font, in any language. i think 0 is the coolest. it looks both pregnant and empty all at the same time. it gives meaning to other numbers when it has none of its own. i dont know, but 1 is annoying. its a skinny little bitch and always comes first

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